Containers…Standard or High Cubes…Modifications…Office…Gate Shacks
Tell us what you need and we will go to work!
NEW and USED…all sizes. 


We’ll modify the container to meet your needs, be it by adding walk-in doors, roll-up doors, double doors or windows, and adding wiring, insulation, paneling, heating and air.  Modified containers are great for living quarters in the woods and hunting shacks.


Often containers are good sound boxes but look well used. Usually they can be reconditioned and look better than the nice containers  We will recondition it and paint to a color of your choice with a good grade of “direct to metal” paint.


Use containers to ship cargo and own the container when it arrives. And for export shipping, we either have or can get a container that is certified as ocean worthy.

Container Industry Grades

New Container – One Trip

Used Container – Reconditioned